TITAN SKY is the new BlueBox by Swegon high efficiency natural refrigerant full inverter reversible heat pump. Boasting Eurovent certified performance and currently the lowest TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) and carbon footprint in the marketplace. This air-source reversible heat pump range features single and double circuit units with inverter controlled reciprocating compressors and plate heat exchangers.
With hot water production up to 63°C, TITAN SKY boasts low environmental impact and premium efficiency within the heat pump market. The units have variable speed inverter controlled compressors in order to maximise the seasonal efficiency and achieve stable thermodynamic regulation in any load condition.
In-house advanced control technology means TITAN SKY has a low charge design and extended working limits.
The natural refrigerant R290 low GWP (Global Warming Potential) value of 3 may be an advantage in projects where minimum targets are adopted for the containment of the environmental footprint, or are connected to specific customer/building criteria.
Options for source side heat exchangers are available for installation in environments with a particularly aggressive atmosphere or in coastal or highly industrialised areas, along with many different refrigerant circuit, hydraulic circuit, electrical and network accessories to tailor the selection to your specific project.
The operation of the unit is optimised in heating mode, where the water and refrigerant fluids exchange in counter current flow inside the plate heat exchanger.
The compressors are enclosed in a dedicated technical compartment which incorporates a refrigerant leak detection device.
The TITAN SKY unit is supplied as standard with an advanced controller featuring a graphic display that allows water inlet and outlet temperature to be displayed, as well as high and low pressure values, condensing and evaporating temperatures and external air temperature.
With an unbeatable use of primary energy thanks to inverter technology TITAN SKY is the superior natural choice for a commercial air source heat pump.

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