Titan Products Smart Room CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensor now with Flexible Control Options

Titan Products has revealed the latest improvements to their Smart Room sensor.

They are all now supplied with ON/OFF control options via a Digital Output (DO) as standard, which can be enabled/disabled via a number of methods to suit various application types. These range from environmental control, satisfying a temperature, humidity or CO2 setpoint to non-environment control actions such as switching off lights. The flexibility of control options make the sensors the perfect choice for office and classroom environments to maintain comfort conditions, aiding the productivity of the occupants. The methods are set up via the BACnet communications of the Smart sensor. Flexible timer options are also available to manipulate the timing of the DO switching to suit the application.

All products are UK designed, developed and manufactured by Titan Products with their on-site R&D team always striving to improve products to provide customers with more options in terms of product selection and flexibility. These new sensors offer an exciting new development which now allow Titan Products to offer a sensing solution for traditional 0-10V wired or BACnet/Modbus networks.


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