Titan Products increase their Smart Sensor range with new products

With the emergence of the Internet of Things, there is an ever growing need for improved connectivity and interoperability between devices along with the requirement to keep install costs to a minimum. Titan Products recognise these needs and have developed the next generation of HVAC sensors which provide interoperable connectivity by communicating directly onto a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus network.

Already offering Smart Room CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Titan Products have increased their Smart Sensor range with a number of new assemblies. The series now includes outside, duct, immersion and strap-on sensors, offering temperature only or combined temperature and humidity solutions.

The Smart Sensors aid accurate control and network visibility by allowing multiple environmental conditions within a building to be reliably monitored over one network, reducing on site wiring, commissioning and installation costs. All sensors are supplied with a digital input and output to provide in-built control solutions freeing up network I/O. Easily addressed via the on-board DIP switches, the sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications which require accurate, networkable monitoring and control across open systems.

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