Tinytag Carbon Dioxide Data Loggers: Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Tinytag CO2 data logger

Monitoring indoor air quality in order to prevent CO2 levels exceeding recommended limits is desirable, or even mandatory, in many types of building. Areas with poor ventilation can lead to a build-up in carbon dioxide levels which can cause reduced concentration in occupants and in some cases can lead to health problems.

Tinytag carbon dioxide data loggers are a convenient and effective way of helping to regulate IAQ and in turn assess the performance of HVAC control measures. They can be particularly useful in helping to adhere to BB101 recommendations concerning ventilation and CO2 concentrations in school buildings.

The discreet mains powered units are wall mountable, with prices starting from £325 +VAT. Users are able to set a desired upper ppm (parts per million) concentration alarm which will trigger if this level is reached. Recorded data is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable and viewed with easy to use Tinytag Explorer software. Data is presented initially in graphs and tables and can be exported to popular packages for reporting purposes. The standard Tinytag CO2 logger is a 0-2000ppm version; for more specialised situations a 0-5000ppm version is also available.


Case Study
The Dowds Group is a leading Maintenance and Engineering Contractor who deals with projects across the UK. Nigel Connolly is the Manager of the Projects and Maintenance Department, handling mainly bespoke client projects, and was asked to supply a CO2 logger for use in a school.

Tinytag CO2 data logger and Plus 2 temp logger

The Tinytag CO2 logger has been set up to monitor carbon dioxide levels in the science classrooms, monitoring emissions to help maintain indoor air quality and ensure that classroom ventilation systems are operating effectively.

The logger is moved regularly from room to room: the recorded data is analysed by the client and corrective action taken if required. Nigel comments, “After researching the loggers on the internet, we were happy that the Tinytag CO2 logger met the client’s requirements. I am very satisfied with the logger as it did exactly what it was designed for, and I was very pleased with all the technical support provided.”

Manufactured in the UK, Tinytag data loggers monitor various environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and single or three phase power usage.




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