Tiny new luminaire

With a diameter of just 30mm, the new flush-mounted JSB Micropoint recessed LED luminaire from Cooper Lighting and Security has been designed to provide unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing emergency lighting in a wide variety of applications.
The high-power, high-efficiency LED light source offers a long life of 60,000 hours and delivers uniform illumination, making it ideal for coverage of open areas.

Available in maintained or non-maintained versions, Micropoint is only slightly larger than a 50p piece, and this minuscule size enables it to combine the role of emergency lighting with background lighting in say hotels, pubs, nightclubs, reception areas or retail interiors.

In maintained mode, while the mains supply is healthy, the light output can be programmed to be at low, normal or high level to suit the needs of each particular application. In the event of a mains failure, the luminaire automatically reverts to the correct emergency light level.

Micropoint is quick and easy to install as its battery and control gear are housed in a remote pod with simple plug-in connectors.

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