Timeguard VALIANCE+: RCD protection to the latest British Standard

The new Valiance+ range from Timeguard brings the company’s RCD socket offer bang up to date, with new-generation componentry and the reassurance of compliance with latest safety standards (BS 7288:2016).

The main visible difference is a new, clearer twin flag system (RED – ON, Green – OFF or safe). However, ‘under the bonnet’, there are other changes that add up to greater reassurance to users: more stringent testing to ensure the products can withstand years of use and electrical/physical abuse, and greater resilience to RF interference. In redesigning its range to meet BS7288:2016, Timeguard’s UK R&D  team  has also reviewed and replaced componentry and updated the casing design.

The new Timeguard Valiance+ range offers a complete range of 1 gang and 2 gang RCD switched sockets in both active and passive versions, metal clad variants in both 1 gang and 2 gang and a choice of 3 styles of RCD switched fuse spurs.

With ultra-fast tripping to the new BS, Timeguard Valiance+ RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary sockets and fused spurs cannot provide, backed with the Timeguard quality assurance.

Do you really want to take the risk with an unknown alternative?