Timeguard updates halogen floodlight

A modern, sleeker halogen casing, coupled with a smaller and more compact PIR detector head, makes Timeguard’s energy efficient range of automatic halogen floodlights attractive enough for use in a wide range of applications.  That’s with no compromise on reliability or the power of the lighting they emit for deterrence or as courtesy/safety lighting.

Halogen lamps remain popular and are currently still a relatively inexpensive option compared to new generation LED floodlights. When installed correctly to avoid nuisance switching and fitted with C Class energy saving lamps, they do offer real energy savings. 

The Timeguard floodlights emit the equivalent of up to 500W from a 400W lamp and up to 150W equivalent from a 100W lamp on the smaller models. The ability to pan and tilt the PIR detectors and the ease with which light level and time-on settings can be adjusted to avoid unnecessary tripping or lights being left on for too long, ensures that they  can be set up to work most economically,

The new Timeguard G design PIR Halogen Floodlights are available at wholesalers now.


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