Timeguard still leading the way in outdoor LED

Having  learned the hard way about the false economy of bargain-basement products, estates managers are increasingly opting for Timeguard’s branded quality for outdoor LED lighting.

The first LEDPRO products from Timeguard introduced the idea of modular systems:  a choice of mix-and-match black or white slimline floodlights (from 10W right up to 100W) and switches (PIR, photocell or remote-control RF). Choose the right combination, and just plug them together. It becomes easy to create a whole lighting scene, adding as many slave floodlights as you need up to a total of 140W (LED). Pan and tilt brackets and adjustable time and light level settings ensure that the automatic lighting mode can be set up to suit your premises.

Prismatic lenses and tough, rust-proof polycarbonate reflector plates do away with the need for ugly front ‘windows’.  The unusual all-white models, with white casing and matching white reflector plates will hardly be seen when mounted on a white soffit board. Wide beam options give an even flood of light.

As its products will be working for many years, the firm also introduced  rust-resistant options for costal and damp areas. All componentry that is prone to corrosion is replaced by marine grade materials.


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