Three new thermostats

Honeywell has launched three stylish and inexpensive new thermostatic radiator valves, supplied in convenient RadPlan packs with matching lockshield valves which are ready to fit. The fresh new designs are the fluted VTL120, contemporary white/chrome VTL220 and elegant all-chrome VTL330 – each with the reassurance of unrivalled Honeywell reliability.
Honeywell RadPlan packs combine great value with convenience at the merchant counter. There are straight-through or angled valves, and a choice of standard 15mm connectors or a small bore pack providing both 8mm and 10mm fittings in the same pack.

They employ the Honeywell innovation of reversible flow without any adjustment on the valve, so there is no need to identify flow and return pipes when installing or upgrading a heating system – and no possibility of water hammer and wasteful call-backs.

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