Thorn’s New Energy Service Solution – helping customers achieve the maximum benefits of energy efficient solutions

Thorn Lighting has launched the Energy Service Solution to help customers achieve the maximum benefits of energy efficient solutions. Rising energy costs and increasing pressures to reduce energy consumption are making the need to become energy efficient more of a strategic necessity than an option for the environmentally conscious.

Dedicated to auditing, designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining energy efficient lighting systems as a full turnkey package, Energy Service Solutions the first truly credible, comprehensive, and hassle-free service for customers across all industry sectors. Building on Thorn’s 90 years of expert knowledge, Energy Service Solutions will help improve energy efficiency and help companies to reap the rewards in terms of both sustainability and the financial benefits it has to offer.

Planning a lighting scheme and incorporating the most energy efficient products, like the latest LED luminaires, can yield significant savings, reduced maintenance intervals and minimal interruption for the foreseeable future. By using automatic controls which take advantage of natural sources of light and presence detection, the luminaires are only on when needed. Wasted light translates in to wasted energy which can be costly and contributes to a higher carbon footprint.

An optimised correctly adapted lighting control system could help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 82% by the efficient application with the use of a daylight, presence and time-based lighting control system. Not only does improving your building’s energy efficiency present a significant ROI and increase its value (whether sold or leased), it also reduces your carbon footprint.

The launch of Energy Service Solutions underlines Thorns commitment to making lighting solutions dedicated to helping customers achieve the maximum sustainability and preservation of the ecosystem.

More information can be found on Thorn’s website

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