Thermal imaging camera

A new thermal imaging camera that takes the guesswork out of temperature measurement, by fusing visual and thermal images on to the same screen, has been launched to meet the needs of electrical contractors, maintenance engineers, HVAC professionals, energy inspectors and auditors, and engineers in construction and the automotive industry.

The IRI 2010 is the first in a new range of British designed and manufactured thermal imaging cameras produced by Northampton-based thermal imaging specialists Irisys, who have spent 18 months developing the technology that will give tradesmen an invaluable tool for temperature and hot/cold spot detection for around £2,000. 

It will be ideal for engineers seeking to identify problems with wiring, fuses, resistors, overheating mechanical equipment, including worn bearings, as well as heat loss through ill fitting windows and doors, and poor building insulation.

Two temperature measurement points are provided to enable the user to accurately, and easily, pinpoint hot (or cold) spots. The strengths of the two images may be blended for ease of interpretation of the data presented, and rapid identification of potential faults.

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