Thermal imaging at its best

Testo manufacture an extensive range of quality thermal imaging cameras, suitable for a wide range of non-intrusive applications, all of which will result in guaranteed rapid and accurate results with major notable impact on time and cost.

Testo thermal imaging cameras are universal and flexible, so are not specific to either building or industrial applications and will instantly give you a status check on any moving or stationary parts, effectively locating and identifying faults.

Testo’s entry level camera, the 875 model, has a standard resolution of 160 x 120 pixels plus the super resolution option for 320 x 240, and range of -20 to + 350º C.

Moving on, the Testo 882 is a general purpose camera for industrial and commercial use, a 640 x 480 display plus auto focus and intuitive hybrid design make this camera a great all-rounder. Completing the comprehensive choice, the 890 can increase resolution to 1280 x 960 with a fold out display, rotating handle and extremely high resolution detector.

The Testo SuperResolution package is available for upgrading giving you four times as much detail, improving the resolution factor by 1.6.


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