The versatile Solatron

MHS Boilers has launched a new easy to install, low cost and highly efficient flat panel solar collector which can be mounted in-roof, on-roof or in-frame.

The SOLATRON S2.5 from ELCO is a state-of-the-art collector which has been designed to be versatile, economic and incredibly easy to fit – needing only a cordless screwdriver, a hammer and a tape measure.

SOLATRON S2.5 is available in both horizontal and vertical hydraulically-optimised versions and each orientation is supplied with matching mounting systems and roof flashings. Collector fields can be created from multiple panels, and the connections are simple – with the minimum of tools.

Thanks to the SOLATRON S2.5’s full surface copper absorber and highly selective coating, the collector surface is highly energy efficient and can be used for domestic hot water as well as acting as a central heating back up.

To ensure its long life and excellent performance, the 10mm thick absorber pipes are ultrasonically welded to the absorber in a wave style layout. This ensures outstanding thermal contact and optimum heat transfer from the absorber to the conductor fluid.

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