The ultimate luminaire

The Cirrus KC range of direct/indirect, suspended luminaires from Riegens Lighting Limited combines a specially developed optical system with extremely slim panels that offer decoration in addition to illumination. The Cirrus KC range has been specifically developed based on research into Circadian Rhythms, the signals that our body clocks produce to indicate when to be active and when to sleep according to available light.
With this in mind, the luminaries’ optical system uses micro prism panels, dedicated back reflectors and diffuser films, combined with a DALI compatible lighting control system to change the colour temperature of the lamps. This can be altered between 2700 kelvins and 6500 kelvins, to change the appearance of the lighting with the time of day.

The standard Cirrus KC luminaire has an IR unit to enable simple control of the luminaire in an individual office environment, although a version without the IR unit is available that will operate in conjunction with the standard fitting for larger spaces. Alternatively, this option can be used with a DALI compatible lighting control system and all of the luminaires can be controlled together for open plan offices.

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