The ultimate boiler range

Reliability and simplicity is the hallmark of the Ultracom cxi/cx: this range of high efficiency condensing combis incorporates a stainless steel heat exchanger along with the option to add a plug-in analogue timer providing simple control of this high performance appliance. The top of the range cxi has the additional benefit of a back-lit digital display.

The cx is available in 24kW and 30kW models with the cxi producing 24kW, 30kW and 38kW, which makes them the boiler of choice for a wide range of properties.

Ultracom hxi, which was recently awarded the Which ‘Best Buy’ status, is an advanced range of high efficiency condensing open vent boilers with inbuilt digital programmer and a backlit digital display. The stainless steel heat exchanger offers exceptional efficiency with easy installation and commissioning with no need to remove the case.

Ultracom sxi for sealed systems is available in 18 and 30kW models. Both models feature tried and tested components which give the end-user proven reliability, exceptional efficiency and performance – for the installer there is ease of installation.

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