Research from the Carbon Trust* suggests that poorly maintained air conditioning systems can waste up to 60% more energy than their well-maintained counterparts. Tony Nielsen, Marketing Manager at Panasonic explains why now, is a perfect time to be proactive and offer remote maintenance and servicing to save energy, costs and ensure the effective performance of air conditioning systems.

Although we are all in challenging times, with the world in isolation and most offices and many retail outlets closed, now is the time to offer remote maintenance and inspection reports for HVAC systems and ensure compliance with regulations for when everyone returns to ensure the building has fully functioning systems.

Much of this work can now be carried out remotely via smart controls for the maintenance of buildings. There are several smart control systems on the market that connect air conditioning units to the internet and then enable remote monitoring, control and maintenance of the system via an online platform, accessible from any web browser, tablet or smartphone.

Remote maintenance and monitoring can mean huge advantages for installers offering maintenance contracts to their customers. If installers can monitor the performance of air conditioning units, they can see that a unit is not performing as it should be. With a truly smart air conditioning system, such as Panasonic’s AC Smart Cloud, installers may be able to diagnose the issue through the web portal in addition to some cases being solved remotely. Even though remote maintenance is not possible in all cases, being able to see what the exact issue is enables installers to prioritise maintenance obligations so that they do not have to spend time travelling to a site and attending to an issue that did not necessarily require urgent attention.

This remote monitoring and maintenance can be particularly useful in applications where a robust, stable air conditioning system is critical to the business, such as data centres and server rooms, hospitals and supermarkets. Installers can monitor the performance level of air conditioning units and receive alerts when performance drops below a certain level. This project can then be prioritised, and the installer can ensure that crucially important air conditioning systems remain operational and that business activities are not interrupted.

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