The sound of sustainability

Acoustics plays an important supportive role in enabling the delivery of sustainability. This relationship is key to removing obstacles for the construction industry. Understanding how acoustics fits in, and what is necessary to deliver sustainability will be especially pertinent within the context of the build up to the first green Olympics in 2012.
To discuss the challenges presented by sustainable development and how acoustics fits in, the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) will be holding a two day conference on ‘The Sound of Sustainability – Going for Gold’ on 24 – 25 April 2007 at the De Vere University Arms Hotel in Cambridge.

The Institute’s Spring conference aims to provide an understanding of these challenges and will bring together views from a wide variety of speakers from those directing the Building Industry, including:

• Department of Community Affairs and Local Government

• Local Authority Building Control

• British Council for School Environments

• Sustainability Consultants

• Engineering & Acoustics Professionals

• Academics

• Leading green champions

The two day conference will be split so that the first day tackles the concepts and issues arising on the enforcement of the Department for Communities and Local Government’s new Code for Sustainable Homes. This will be of interest to developers, architects and house builders, local government building control officers, building and engineering professionals and policy makers wanting to stay ahead. It will also inform the debate for acoustic consultants and academics that will lead into consideration of future materials and lifecycle implications.

Modular buildings and experience with timber frame constructions leads on to the matter of sound insulation testing, and how to get reliable results. Academics and practitioners will challenge what makes a reliable measurement standard for testing homes in light of the increased requirements by the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The event will bring together key speakers from inside and outside the acoustics industry to identify how professionals in the building industry need to focus on the challenges ahead for building design.

Colin English, President of the IOA states: “Getting to grips with how acoustics fits into the challenge of delivering sustainability is important in order to ensure a certain degree of comfort and quality of life for those living in the sustainable homes of the future. This is a good time to encourage acousticians and policy makers to fully enter the debate on sustainability and this conference will no doubt provide the most focussed debate yet for the industry.”

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