The Smart way to save energy

AmbiRad has launched two innovative brochures showcasing its complete range, including its latest controller, SmartCom3.

For optimum energy management control, SmartCom3 is the intelligent way to manage the energy you use. Developed in order to satisfy the growing need for higher efficiencies and to complement the development of efficient heating systems, SmartCom3 provides a true cost effective energy management solution.

Simple to programme and operate, Smartcom3 can manage energy consumption in buildings of all sizes, from small single heater installations to multi-zone applications. Request a copy of the SmartCom3 brochure for more.

Get an overview of AmbiRad’s complete range of energy efficient heating systems, with the new Overview brochure. It gives you an insight into the diverse applications of clients using AmbiRad’s systems as well as an introduction to its best-selling products.

Find out more about the firms energy efficient gas and electric radiant heating systems, including the ever-popular Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube system. Plus, get a taste of its energy efficient gas and oil fired warm air heating products, such as its UEAS condensing unit heaters.

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