The smart package

Alfa Laval has introduced the Cetetherm Mini IS district heating sub-station designed to provide hot water and heating to single-family houses and flats that have a direct connection to a district heating circuit.
Based around Alfa Laval’s proven heat exchanger technology, the Cetetherm Mini IS, as the name implies, is a light-weight unit that delivers excellent performance in a very compact package. It comes ready for immediate installation with all of the key components including the heat exchangers, controls and pump arranged in a single module that can be mounted directly on the wall. For convenience, it can be connected to the plumbing either at the top or bottom and, with a plug supplied, it is ready for immediate connection to a power outlet.

For the heating side of the sub-station, temperature control is automatic with the output temperature regulated according to the external temperature and the desired temperature in the dwelling. A separate heat exchanger is used to heat hot water, providing fresh, hot water on demand.

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