The smart approach

Walter Meier’s Defensor Mk5 incorporates an innovative and patented solution to the problems of limescale formation commonly associated with electric steam humidifiers – thus increasing plant life and reducing cost of ownership.

Limescale is a common and expensive problem with electric steam humidifiers in hard water areas and solutions such as the use of demineralised water also add to running costs.

“Our Defensor Mk5 takes a different approach, using a unique scale management system,” explains Roger Palamarczuk, Walter Meier’s humidification manager for Defensor and Condair products. “It incorporates a patented cold water zone to ensure that water temperatures in key areas remain below the 55ºC temperature where scale starts to form. This is combined with a special pulsing mechanism that is used to keep the heating elements free of scale.”

This innovative approach results in major energy savings as it has been estimated that 3mm of lime scale on heating plates can reduce the performance by 25%. There are also considerable reductions in maintenance costs as regular de-scaling is not required.

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