The smallest microwave detector

The new MWS5 from CP Electronics is the smallest microwave detector on the market, enabling lighting designers and end users to achieve effective control of their lighting without the need for bulky, obtrusive sensors.

The compact design of the MWS5 makes it easy to fit inside luminaries and can provide a versatile solution to any application.

The MWS5 works by monitoring movement within the area, using CP’s advanced microwave detectors combined with adjustable controls for timing, lux and sensitivity which can respond easily to movement, light levels and time.

For ceiling mounted applications, the patentable design of the MWS5 gives coverage of 8m diameter at a height of 2.8m. For wall mounted applications, with the sensor mounted at a height of 1.5m, the distance covered is 9m-10m on the horizontal axis.

Offering easy installation and flexibility of location, the sensor consists of two modules, the sensor head and the mains adapter, which can easily be mounted using an integral clip.

The MWS5 offers greater flexibility than conventional sensors and with its compact size can be used in a wide range of location options.

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