The sky’s the limit

Manchester’s latest jewel in its architectural crown, Skyline Central – a modern inner city apartment and health club complex – not only looks good, it’s also designed to offer residents a safer, smoke-free living environment.
Skyline Central – awarded Best Development in Greater Manchester at the Daily Mail UK Property Awards – resides on the edge of the city’s Northern Quarter. It houses almost 250 apartments in two buildings – one comprising 10 storeys, and the other 19. Designed to maximise light and space, the residential accommodation is topped off with a luxury spa, health club and 20m swimming pool on the uppermost level.

To afford the highest level of protection for residents at Skyline Central, developer West Properties required an intelligent method of venting smoke in the event of a fire. Having previously worked with West on a smaller neighbouring development, SE Controls was asked to devise and quote for a solution early on at the groundworks stage of the project.

The resulting system was specified for Skyline Central, and installation began in July 2006. Comprising large natural smoke shafts and AOVs and all controlled by SE Controls SELA 24 linear, SECO 24 40 chain actuators and OS2 control system, SE Controls provided a fully integrated system interfacing seamlessly with the building’s fire alarm and BMS (Building Management System.)

Should a fire start anywhere in the two buildings, the addressable smoke detection system will immediately communicate with the OS2 control system. This automatically opens specific AOV windows and roof vents, in order to disperse smoke out of the common escape routes. Further protection is afforded to enclosed corridors throughout the accommodation blocks through automatic opening doors designed to vent smoke into the natural smoke shafts. Again the OS2 system manages the operation of these doors together with the roof vents to the head of the smoke shafts.

The OS2 control system is supported with a battery backup, providing full operation should power to the building be cut. The system also includes manual override allowing fire fighters to open and close the AOVs within the building at will.

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