The ‘Servitec Mini’ – Vacuum spray tube de-gassing for domestic heating systems

The influence of water quality always has an immense influence on the performance of heating systems and we all know that only systems that are operated optimally work efficiently and economically. The Reflex ‘Servitec Mini’ makes a significant contribution to this, even for systems with small water content, with its sophisticated technology of vacuum spray tube degassing. Reflex ‘Servitec Mini’ is the economic energy efficiency product with additional value for all system operators and the environment. Economic in its operation with an efficiency of up to 90% to reduce CO2 emissions.

Here’s how the ‘Servitec Mini’ works.

Installed in the return of the heating system, the ‘Servitec Mini’ cycles at a pre-determined time convenient with the occupant (set via the app)

Gas rich system water is sprayed through a nozzle into the vacuum tube which forcibly draws any air out of the water. The de-gassed water is then reintroduced to the heating system and the cycle begins again until the pre-set time elapses.

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