The Rodin Solution to Scale and Pipework Corrosion.

Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation have been fitting Scale-Busters from the Rodin Group on every gas boiler change and water heating system upgrade for the past 10 years. To date, not a single unit has failed.

Scale-buster is a unique patented device which both removes and prevents the formation of scale in hard water areas while preventing corrosion and rust in soft water areas. It can be fitted in new build projects or retro-fitted to existing installations to protect expensive equipment thereby extending it’s life.

Dissolving old scale and corrosion encrustation in water systems reduces pressure loss due to restricted water flow and saves energy in heating appliances and systems. A thickness of only 3mm of scale on heating surfaces can add 25% to energy costs.

Scale-Busters use no power or chemicals and require no maintenance. The small amount of electricity needed is generated from the flow of water within the body of the unit. Rodin claim this probably makes Scale-Buster the most environmentally sound method to combat hard water and corrosion scale.

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