The power to reduce energy consumption

Electric heating has for many years been favoured by landlords and developers of multiple-occupancy and rental properties to ensure safe, comfortable heating without the installation difficulties, expense, maintenance costs and risks/regulations associated with gas-fired central heating systems.

However electric heating, whether a wet system heated by an electric boiler or stand alone electric heaters, usually can be expensive to run. Storage heaters may be more cost effective but are, for the majority of users, aesthetically unappealing, offer little flexibility, and quite often do not provide enough heat when most required in the evenings. 

However the energy efficiency and flexibility failings of electric heating may well become a thing of the past with the advent of IntelliHeat, manufacturers of advanced electric heating systems and the developers of IntellyGreen, who produce central heating systems that result in energy savings of up to 25%. 

Super efficient heating

Intelli Heat’s slim radiators are designed to be super-efficient. Containing thermodynamic fluid and equipped with a high quality tungsten element and intelligent thermostat, they heat up quickly but consume energy in a controlled manner using only the minimal amount of electricity required to ensure maximum heating comfort, exactly when and where required. This makes them far more economical than conventional electric radiators and without the need for any plumbing; they provide the perfect central heating solution.

When activated, the radiator will draw full power until the required temperature (as set by the thermostat) is achieved. This is normally within 10 minutes. At that point the radiator will cease to draw power, the thermodynamic fluid will have rapidly expanded and the radiator will have 100% surface hot point effect. Due to the tungsten element’s slow release of energy and the thermodynamic fluid’s heat retaining qualities, the radiator will continue to emit heat using minimal power to maintain the required temperature.

IntelliHeat’s central heating systems are not only quick and easy to install, require no plumbing, and are virtually maintenance free, they also offer an unrivalled choice of control and programming options ranging from stand alone built-in or hard-wired central control and programming, to highly advanced wireless control and energy management systems with the added commercial option of PC based and internet access software provided by IntellyGreen.

Reduce energy consumption

The IntellyGreen energy management system is a revolution for reducing energy consumption. IntellyGreen enables the heating of each room or area to be wirelessly controlled and programmed. It provides real-time energy monitoring and cost analysis enabling the heating to be operated in the most cost-effective way. Uniquely, IntellyGreen can also be connected to any electrical heating system or appliance enabling substantial energy savings to be achieved by all property sectors, including housing associations, owners of commercial premises, landlords and homeowners. 

With IntellyGreen you can monitor the overall energy usage of a property, break it down into individual appliances such as a washing machine, tumble-dryer, fridge and freezer, television, computer – even the kettle, long regarded as the four-wheel drive of the kitchen due to its high demand for power.

IntellyGreen will prove especially valuable to landlords since tenants will be able to monitor exactly how much power is being used and, more importantly, how much their power consumption is costing on a minute-by-minute real-time basis. Energy use can then be more closely matched to budget, ending the days of no cash being left for meters or unexpectedly high bills being received.

Smart meters

2020 is D-Day for all homes in Britain to have so-called smart meters installed. This government scheme is aimed at allowing people to gain real time information about their energy use; the theory being that seeing how much electricity is used is a primary driver in reducing usage. We know from experience that savings of up to 20% can be made by installing a power monitoring system. However, already there are concerns that the meters being discussed by government will not be quite smart enough. Yes, they will make estimated bills obsolete, negate the need for meter readings and allow easier switching between energy suppliers. But more advanced technology already exists in the form of IntellyGreen, which will undoubtedly deliver even greater savings. In short, IntellyGreen is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for analysing and manipulating power supply and it is available now for those wishing to get a head start on the government’s plans.

Intelli Heat systems offer installers and their customers a great opportunity to have virtually on-demand, highly responsive heating. IntellyGreen delivers the ability to accurately programme hourly any appliance and monitor energy usage of all electrical devices throughout a building. Match these two systems together and we find people have a ‘Eureka’ moment when they see exactly what we can provide for them. IntellyGreen makes it easy for domestic and commercial/industrial clients to substantially cut the costs of operating lighting, heating/cooling and office equipment.

Ingenious design

IntelliHeat has also just launched Needo, an ultra-energy efficient electric central heating system with an exciting range of super-slim designer radiators which can be pivoted away from the wall to aid cleaning – an ingenious design touch. The range also includes the spectacular freestanding Monolithe heater that combines heating, lighting and mobility. In addition there are superbly designed towel rails that swivel on the central axis to improve drying capacity.

Needo radiators reach the required temperature twice as quickly as any normal panel, storage or wet system heater. Their heat diffusion is far more efficient and each radiator and the heating of each room or area can be controlled and programmed independently by the ‘My Needo’ energy management centre which uses the latest technology to monitor, control and reduce energy consumption. The device is a cool looking energy management centre with touch-screen controls. It also provides real-time energy use and cost analysis enabling users to operate the central heating system in the most cost-effective way to ensure maximum savings.

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