The perfect solar solution

Vaillant has confirmed that not even the sky is the limit, with the introduction of two new additions to its solar thermal range of renewable energy products. This latest innovation has strengthened Vaillant’s Total System Solution, while heating up its solar portfolio. The new flat plate solar thermal collectors from Vaillant include the auroTHERM plus VFK 150 and auroTHERM VFK 145. Both products weigh 38kg and have a low profile thickness of 80mm, making them some of the lightest in their class.

Additionally, Vaillant’s highly efficient solar thermal collectors have been designed with versatility in mind for a range of applications. Each panel absorbs diffused light, as well as direct sunlight, meaning they will even gain some solar energy on cloudy days.

High selective vacuum coating on absorbers and easy fit gravel trays for flat roofs provide exceptional flexibility and superior renewable benefits.

Panels can be connected in both horizontal and vertical orientation to suit the available roof space and, with a unique frameless front appearance, offer outstanding aesthetics to any modern home. Each solar collector is encased in a black anodised aluminium frame with laser welded copper absorber grids for a neat, unobtrusive appearance and enhanced efficiency.

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