The perfect partner

An Eco Heat Pump system ensures a warm welcome at a showpiece public sports development in the heart of Surrey.
The Queens Park Pavilion at Caterham has been built at a cost of £700,000 to replace a former structure destroyed in a devastating attack by arsonists.
Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, the new Queens Park Pavilion offers local residents an energy efficient sports and community centre with modern facilities ranging from underfloor heating to a closed circuit CCTV security system.
At the heart of the building services is an Eco Thermia Duo 16 Ground Source Heat Pump. A water-glycol mixture is pumped through three 200 metre loops of pipework buried in the ground surrounding the new Pavilion – absorbing the radiant heat held naturally about a metre below the surface in the process.
The heated water enters the flow side of the Eco Heat Pump located inside the building. Here the action of compressor and condenser brings the water temperature up to the levels required by the Pavilion’s underfloor space heating system.
The Duo design is a variant of the Diplomat TWS – the key difference being in the provision of a separate hot water tank. Application in areas with low ceilings is made easier thanks to the Duo’s low height.
Features include quiet running scroll compressors, high efficiency plate-type heat exchangers and an additional sub-cooler that extracts additional energy from the water source. Although simple to operate, the control options make it possible for the user to carry out a wide range of energy-saving control functions – tracking temperature changes and altering settings as required.
The Thermia Duo has an integrated electric heating element with three power stages – 3, 6 and 9kW – should additional heating be required during periods of extremely low outdoor temperatures.
Queens Park’s new Pavilion features an underfloor heating system, which makes a perfect low energy partner for the Eco Heat Pump. Only low flow and return temperatures are required to provide full comfort conditions with easy access to all areas for everyone, including wheelchair users.

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