The optimum package

Specifying the right mix for hot water and heating packages in big buildings such as churches, sports clubs and halls can be problematic. They take a lot of heating and also need a supply of instant hot water, but they don’t need it all the time.

One of the most cost effective solutions is delivered by Rinnai in the form of an Infinity energy efficient continuous flow condensing water heater to provide instant hot water on demand and strategically placed Rinnai fanned gas convection heaters for quick, efficient space heating.

For hot water considerations, a Rinnai Infinity condensing water heater delivers hot water instantly at a safe temperature whenever and wherever it is needed. Even when water is drawn off in the kitchen when cloakroom taps are on at the same time the hot water remains constant in both locations. With a Rinnai continuous flow water heater fuel is only used when the tap is turned on so there is no waste of either water or gas.

Rinnai’s condensing technology incorporates two heat exchangers to achieve optimum water heating generated from every cubic metre of Natural Gas or LPG.

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