The Old Palace Lodge, Dunstable

Situated in the heart of the historic town of Dunstable, the Old Palace Lodge hotel is renowned for its high standard of service and quality food.

Due to numerous issues with the existing aged heating and hot water plant the decision was taken in 2016 to introduce new Mikrofill condensing boilers and HWS loading cylinders to suit both the current demand and a future 18 bedroom extension.

2No Ethos 110kW stainless steel condensing boilers now provide LPHW to VT circuits and primary load to 2No Extreme hot water loading cylinders. The boilers have a collective modulation of 20 : 1 (220 > 11kW), integral shunt pumps and a seasonal efficiency in excess of 95%. The loading cylinders, serving the kitchen and accommodation areas can produce over 2000 l/hr at 60⁰C on a continuous basis whilst maximising the condensing boilers operating efficiency.

On top of the gas, energy and C02 benefits, the new mains fed hot water generators have also helped reduce the risk of legionella, as the previous hot water system was based on tank fed storage calorifiers that were over-sized to meet maximum demand.

The project was designed by leading building services consultant VSRW Ltd and comprehensively installed by Dunstable based mechanical contractor HeatTreat Plumbing and Heating.

For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please contact the sales team on 03452 606020 or visit

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