The next generation

Pop-Up Products has launched a new range of push around scissor lifts that includes three models – the Push 200, Push 250 and Push 300.

The Pop-Up Push 200 has a platform height of two metres (200cm) and includes improved heavy duty castors, auto-brakes as standard, lightweight aluminium platform and toeboard, as well as a built-in control panel which includes a battery monitoring meter to enable operators to re-charge the machines around natural stoppages in work.

The Pop-Up Push 250 and Push 300 have platform heights of two and a half metres (250cm) and three metres (300cm) respectively and incorporates all of the same modifications as the Pop-Up Push 200.

The new product range is available on order now and will be hitting the UK marketplace in the summer 2010. Pop-Up Products will continue to provide aftercare service, parts and maintenance to current Pop-Up & Pop-Up+ models in the marketplace.

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