The next generation of street lighting

As a responsible lighting manufacturer, Kingfisher takes their environmental implications seriously and actively encourages sustainable lighting solutions.

With this in mind Kingfisher are pleased to announce the launch of LED-in, a purpose designed LED lantern for street and general amenity applications.

Matthew Harding, sales director for Kingfisher Lighting comments: “With a solid state integral control unit,  LED-in can provide immediate operational data on the luminaire and the ability to dim lighting levels to suit operational requirements. This will present significant energy savings and reduce the carbon footprint. Whilst the virtues of an LED light source will minimise maintenance and provide a longer lifecycle ensuring significantly lower whole lifetime costings.”

Available with five LED arrangements (36 LED, 54 LED, 72 LED, 90 LED and 108 LED), LED-in utilises the Osram Golden Dragon LED. Offering a practical level of light output with a lamp lumen range of 3235lm to 9706lm with a colour temperature of 6000°K and an estimated 60,000 hours @ LM 80%, Ta=25°C). Each LED light source is positioned within an individual mirrored reflector housing for precise optical control and minimal glare.

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