The new xitec processor

The innovative new xitec processor from TridonicAtco is the latest in a line of intelligent ballasts that follow the successful ASIC generations. Utilising the technology and knowledge gleaned from two decades producing dimmable and non-dimmable ballasts, the xitec processor offers extensive user benefits and sophisticated functionality for perfect lamp and lighting management.
TridonicAtco’s xitec processor, with its high level of digital processing, ensures unrestricted reproducibility of all intelligent ballasts throughout their lives. For example, the ‘SMART heating concept’ disconnects electrode pre-heating for fluorescent lamps to ensure they operate in accordance with specifications, with the optimum energy efficiency and constant luminous flux.
Preventative monitoring features such as Intelligent Temperature Guard (ITG) and Intelligent Voltage Guard (IVG) prevent damage to protect installers and users by checking the temperature and voltage of the ballasts, whilst ensuring that they are operating correctly.
Selected function blocks from this intelligent processor are also implemented in other xitec options, resulting in devices with the precise innovative properties required for particular applications. TridonicAtco’s xitec technology provides an excellent basis for energy efficiency and sustainability because it interacts perfectly with external control components.

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