The new NEOflo range

The new NEOflo range extends still further the impressive selection of high efficiency storage water heaters available from Andrews. These innovative stainless steel appliances minimise environmental impact by incorporating the latest in condensing water heating technology and controls, thereby ensuring optimum performance and ease of use as well as economic running costs.

The NEOflo’s versatility makes it perfect for most applications, especially retrofit and refurbishment projects, buildings using tank fed (vented systems) and in areas where water pressure is low. The NEOflo has no internal circulators and can therefore operate at pressures as low as 0.2 bar. The type of upward firing burner, combined with tank sizes ranging between 200 and 400 litres, ensures that the NEOflo can handle a high flow rate and is not affected by cavitation or air locks, thereby providing a reliable solution for a large number of installations.

NEOflo is available in 200, 300 and 400 litre stainless steel storage tank options, with quick recovery rates of just 430 litres per hour through a 50°C rise for all models.

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