The Multifunctional Belimo Energy Valve™ Now cloud based

The future begins now. With the integration of the Belimo Energy Valve™ into the Belimo Cloud, the users create their own account to have full transparency about the energy consumption in the cooling/heating application – from anywhere and whenever they want. The access to the Belimo online services makes life easier and gives the security to always have the best settings for the devices.

Integrated logic and sensors provide accurate coil performance data. Energy monitoring data is used to verify system performance during commissioning and acts as a baseline standard for system performance over time. Transparency with respect to energy consumption for heating and cooling is achieved.

Cloud connection to control, optimise, monitor energy usage and provide advanced system data reporting, driving product and system functionality. Enhanced communication allows for expanded system integration and BMS control with the addition of Modbus RTU and TCP/IP. Other integration possibilities include BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP, Belimo MP-Bus®, and one analog connection.


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