The largest range

Andrews claims the largest range of direct gas-fired condensing high efficiency water heaters, offering a wide selection of sizes in both storage and non-storage units. The first to be offered were non-storage high temperature units and the Supa-Flo R300 is the current well respected refinement of its type.
Ahead of any legislative requirement for commercial water heaters to improve efficiency still further, Andrews developed and perfected MAXXflo. This was the first condensing storage water heater using a stainless steel cylinder and up to four independent multiple premix modulating burner modules to achieve up to 109% efficiency and low NOx emissions of 25ppm.

Andrews has most recently introduced ECOflo, which is a range of gas-fired high efficiency condensing glass-lined tank storage water heaters, with a thermal nett efficiency of up 109%. It features a quiet operating, low NOx pre-mix power burner and flueing arrangements that allow maximum installation flexibility. Seven models offer two storage capacities of 230 litres and 380 litres with heat outputs from 35kW to 79kW and typical fast recovery rates of up to 1400 litres/hr (?T50ºC).

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