The ideal room controller for any system – SAUTER ecos505


Sauter’s new ecos505 room controller provides a single device to integrate all systems for room automation with demand-led control of room climate, lighting and sunshading and is a freely programmable BACnet building controller. It combines DALI, KNX and SMI in a single device. The SAUTER ecos505 can therefore connect the sunshade, lighting and room climate regulation systems for integral, energy-efficient room automation based on individual requirements. EY-RC505F0A1_N2_MP000_neu

Digital integration

As the bigger brother of SAUTER’s ecos504 room automation station, ecos505 boasts as many as three additional digital interfaces for open communication protocols such as DALI, KNX or SMI.

The KNX interface is the link to the electrical system and allows KNX touch panels or other KNX actuators and sensors to be integrated directly with the room controller. The DALI interface enables lamps to be integrated with DALI electronic ballasts, presence detectors and light sensors.

Modular, flexible and saves energy

The SAUTER ecos505 works with remote ecoLink I/O modules, providing maximum flexibility when connecting field devices. The compact controller is freely programmable and provides historical data, schedules, calendars, COV and room functions. Room operating units can be directly connected to it, allowing eight rooms to be automated with just one controller.

In addition, you can integrate EnOcean room operating units and sensors wirelessly using the EnOcean interface. The SAUTER ecos505 is therefore also ideally suited to controlling open and flexible room concepts. The SAUTER ecos505 is a freely programmable BACnet building controller (B-BC). SAUTER’s CASE Suite engineering platform can be used to configure the controller.

All of the available ECO functions enable the highest level of energy efficiency as per EN 15232. The energy consumption is reduced considerably while comfort for the room user is ensured.


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