The future of LED lighting

TridonicAtco has combined all of its activities in the LED sector under the new brand name of TALEXX, which represents an outstanding range of products with impressive user benefits. No longer just a supplier of lighting components, TridonicAtco is focusing more on finding technical solutions to specific lighting tasks utilising the latest LED technology, whilst concentrating on the system concept, functionality and economy.
Year on year, TridonicAtco has maintained spectacular growth in all products related to semiconductor light, mirroring the expansion in the use of LEDs for illumination purposes. The TALEXX brand highlights TridonicAtco’s resourceful approach to LED lighting, offering innovative LED products and high-quality LED systems, along with expert knowledge and advice.
As part of TridonicAtco’s wide range of LED products, the TALEXXengine is a set of application-oriented, connection-ready LED solutions characterised by extremely simple handling and exceptional flexibility. The TALEXXmodule, TALEXXstrip and TALEXXchain product lines (round or square LED modules, strips and chains) are perfectly matched components that are ideal for any application, from architectural lighting to signage.

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