The Evomax provides efficiency

The Evomax is Ideal Commercial Boilers’ flagship high efficiency condensing boiler model, offering one of the highest outputs of any commercial wall hung boiler on the market.

Designed for ease of installation, commissioning and servicing, the Evomax expands the options for commercial buildings, with available outputs ranging from 30kW to 150kW. In addition to its lightweight design, supported through quality build and aesthetics, siting is made easy with a selection of room-sealed and open flue system choices.

The option of insulated Frame and Header Kits allow the Evomax to be installed in cascade formation, either back-to-back or in-line depending on the requirements of the plantroom, with a combined top capacity of 600kW. Even more flexibility is provided with the option of Low Height Frame and Header Kits, which ensure installation is made simpler in instances where there is reduced headroom. They also expand the options so that a floor standing atmospheric boiler can be replaced with one or more wall-hung high efficiency models.

Evomax is Ideal Commercial Boilers’ highest efficiency boiler to date with seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.2%, exceeding those stipulated in Part L2 of the Building Regulations.


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