The best type of heat

A stunning installation of Toshiba Split air conditioning systems can be found at the newly refurbished Roman Catholic Church in Sligo, Ireland. Specialist contractors Airflow Services of Galway recently installed seven Toshiba Super Digital inverter wall-mounted units, supplied by Toshiba distributor GT Phelan, to provide heating to the beautifully panelled building.
The Parish Priest, Father Martin, had conducted extensive research into the most effective way to provide heating for the church and had even considered geo-thermal among other options before making his final decision. He said: “The Toshiba units each provide 9kW of heat, consuming 3.3kW of power at a cost of just 56c per hour (at 100% output). The equipment has proven a great success, with comfort levels being achieved rapidly and quietly. Cooling comes as a bonus which will no doubt be appreciated in the summer.”

GT Phelan supported Airflow Services in the design of the most appropriate system for this unusual application. The Toshiba ‘A’ rated inverter system was chosen on the basis of capital cost, convenience of installation, reduced carbon emissions and running costs. The indoor units were skilfully incorporated into the choir balcony and the plaster-work on the walls was also re-formed to allow the wall units to be mounted around the church, providing complete coverage for the congregation.

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