The benefits of wireless control

Building on success
The new M2M controllers build on the success of the company’s expertise in controls and now offer a relatively lowcost solution for both smaller premises that do not have ethernet connections and larger corporations which cannot allow outside systems to link into their security networks and firewalls.

“This is the first wireless controller in the air conditioning industry and it brings the benefits of remote monitoring and control to a much wider audience,” explained Sebastien Desmottes, Product Marketing Liaison Manager.
Based on Machine 2 Machine technology that has been developed over the last decade, M2M uses the same principles employed throughout the transport industry such as that used by the Highways Agency to instantly update modern motorway signs or by transport companies to get live data to passengers at bus stops on the likely arrival of the next Number 37.
The M2M interface has a data SIM card just like a mobile phone and remote sites talk to a central server using the GPRS mobile phone network. Data is both compressed and encrypted for security and is stored on the server.
“This means that whatever type of building you have you can have full access and control via the internet from your home, PDA or Blackberry,” added Desmottes.
The package can also come with a specially designed graphics interface to help customers visualise their data and assist in monitoring trends and performance.
Going live
In the UK’s first live example of the system, Mitsubishi Electric has been working in support of HSBC which has been influential in the development of the product. The Kings Lynn branch of the bank is now using M2M to control the lighting, monitor energy and water consumption etc in addition to allowing for exact control of the heating and cooling system.
“Typically, the cost of a full building energy management system can be un-economic in smaller retail stores, particularly when the full capacity and capabilities of the BEMS are not always utilised,” explained Desmottes. “With M2M, an equivalent system can provide a more economical solution whilst providing all of the exact control requirements that each branch needs.
“These new controllers therefore tick all the right boxes for large corporations such as HSBC because they allow the company to remotely monitor and provide the means to reduce energy consumption across a range of equipment within each branch.”
For other sites, such as petrol forecourts or smaller high street stores, M2M offers a simple and straightforward way of enjoying all the benefits normally associated with an ethernet-based system, without the need for a complex infrastructure.
There are two versions available with the Mini M2M allowing control of up to 16 units and the Maxi up to 50.

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