The Art Cool gallery

New additions from LG to its Art Cool Gallery series allows the end-user to adapt the front panel of this highly efficient air conditioning unit as a picture frame to hold any image wanted – famous painting, family, friends, football teams, pets, children or any portrait-shaped picture.
The units have the premium features and standards of Art Cool – Neo Plasma Air Purifying System; anti-corrosion gold fin; auto cleaning; auto changeover; Jet Cool/Heat; wireless remote controller and auto restart.

They also feature Jet Cool, this lowers temperature to 18°C within 30 minutes and Gold Fin where the heat exchanger surfaces are coated with an anti-corrosive gold finish to be more durable than anodised and maintain high levels of heat exchanger efficiency.

Auto Clean comes as standard and is a 30 minute cycle which is either manually or automatically initiated when the cooling cycle ends. It removes residual moisture and mould contaminants.

All the Art Cool units come complete with an infrared remote control unit that allows the end-user to control the following functions: Air circulation/fan operation; room temperature checking; sleep mode operation; temperature setting; operation mode selection and single event 24 hour timer function.

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