The Art Cool gallery

New additions from LG to its Art Cool Gallery series allows the end-user to adapt the front panel of this highly efficient air conditioning unit as a picture frame to hold any image wanted – famous painting, family, friends, football teams, pets, children or any portrait-shaped picture.
Our sequence shot shows just how easy it is. LG’s Art Cool Gallery offers a highly efficient unit with three-way digital air flow control to ensure maximum comfort – there is even the option of turning off the bottom louvre to ensure extra comfort. 
The units have the premium features and standards of Art Cool – Neo Plasma Air Purifying System; anti-corrosion gold fin; auto cleaning; auto changeover; Jet Cool/Heat; wireless remote controller and auto restart.
They also feature Jet Cool which lowers the temperature to 18°C within 30 minutes; Gold Fin, where the heat exchanger surfaces are coated with anti-corrosive gold finish to be more durable than anodised and maintain high levels of heat exchanger efficiency and Auto Changeover which is an automatic response to deviations in a set base temperature and allows the end-user to enjoy optimum room temperature and maximum energy efficiency.
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