The ACR Show 2016 in Review: HygroMatik targeting occupant wellbeing alongside FETA

01The 2016 ACR Show saw HygroMatik’s National Sales Manager and Humidity Group Chairman, Andie Chessun, present the white paper “Humidity and its Impact on Human Comfort and Wellbeing in Occupied Buildings.”

Alongside the CPD, Andie was on hand throughout the event, presenting HygroMatik to key members of press and industry players. This year marks the companies first time exhibiting at the ACR Show – the only national exhibition for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors – and for HygroMatik, the aim was to act as a voice for the industry on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Whilst presenting the FETA Group white paper to his CPD attendees, Andie showcased HygroMatik as a business, its broad product range and expressed the companies support in the push for legislating indoor humidification systems in occupant buildings.

02“As The ACR Show is such an influential platform in the HVAC industry, it was great to present to industry peers and press under one roof” Andie comments. “As chairman of the Humidity Group, IAQ and occupant wellbeing are a big part of what I do and working at HygroMatik permits a solid channel to install systems that positively impact health, but this is not enough. We may believe in the importance of humidification in indoor spaces, but it is time for our government and regulatory bodies to join us and act on this at a mass scale.”

“The FETA white paper contains a plethora of useful knowledge, statistics and reports to support the exact issue we are targeting; figures on health defects caused by poor IAQ and how this impacts the building managers and businesses themselves. For this reason, the white paper is not something we are keeping to ourselves, but it’s something we are eager to share with all sectors.”

Visit to read the full version of the white paper

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