Testo extends range

Weak points in the building shell or leaks in heating and ventilation systems can lead to high energy losses and increased costs. With the new thermal imagers from Testo, energy losses can be precisely identified and documented. Even the smallest temperature differences can be recognised with extreme accuracy with the high temperature resolution of the new Testo thermal imagers.

Highly flexible exchangeable lenses ensure that the right image section is always visible in the imager display and the integrated digital camera considerably facilitates documentation. The presentation of surface humidity using dynamic humidity measurement and calculation of the parameters for fast localisation of mould risk spots is unique in building thermography. In addition, multiple-page thermography reports can also be created quickly and easily with the PC software.

The Testo 875 and Testo 881 thermal imaging cameras are suitable for a wide range of HVAC and Buildings management applications.

The new Testo 875 thermal imager is particularly suitable for quickly, easily and directly testing heating, air condition and ventilation installations. The temperature distribution of a heating system or even leaks can be analysed with one glance with the infrared measuring instrument.


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