Testing made simple

Seaward’s latest electrical safety testing kit incorporates all  the  essential equipment required by professional portable appliance test (PAT) companies.
The PrimeTest  220  Professional PAT Solutions equipment package links a versatile, hand held tester with a range of accessories and handy PAT guide in a self-contained carrying case for ease of portability.
The  long-life  battery powered PrimeTest 220 incorporates  all  the  electrical safety  tests required by Class I and Class II electrical equipment and is  also equipped  with the fundamental electrical installation checks needed  to  verify the safe condition of sockets and circuits.
All  tests  are  selected  by  a  large rotary switch  and  simple  push  button activation of automatic test sequences. An IEC power cord test facility is  also incorporated as standard to check the condition of mains leads.
In  keeping  with  the recommendations of the latest IEE Code of  Practice,  the PrimeTest  220 also includes an RCD test and the kit includes a new Seaward  PAT Checkbox that will confirm the in-service accuracy of all test readings.
Completing the special PAT test package are 500 test labels, a 110V adaptor  and a special battery charger.

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