Testing is compatible

Seaward Electronic has upgraded its PATGuard software range for the management of portable appliance test data used as part of workplace electrical safety testing operations.
To ensure compatibility with the new Microsoft Vista platform, all five existing PATGuard programs have now been upgraded, with a number of new features also added.
As a result, Version 2 editions of the advanced PATGuard Elite program, intermediate PATGuard Pro and entry level PATGuard Lite systems are all now available, along with upgraded forms of the PATGuard Work About PDA based software and the PATGuard Time Manager field test activity monitor.
In addition, a new PATGuard Elite SQL program has also been added to meet the needs of large corporate database users.
As well as ensuring compatibility with Vista, the upgraded programs also include a range of new operating features.
These include a preview facility that gives users the ability to preview downloaded data and easily correct mistakes that arise during the hustle and bustle of testing. Then with one click, the corrected data can be updated.

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