Test the testers

Seaward Electronic Ltd has introduced a new checkbox to verify the in-service performance of portable appliance testers.
In keeping with the advice included in the latest IEE Code of Practice for In- Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, the new Seaward PAT Checkbox is designed to check the accuracy of PAT testers and confirm that test readings remain valid during the period between formal re-calibration.
Lightweight and portable and easy to operate, the PAT Checkbox can be used to check all portable appliance testers in the Seaward range, as well as those from other manufacturers.
When connected to the PAT tester being assessed, the Checkbox will automatically simulate earth bond, insulation, flash and earth leakage tests. A simple comparison of the value displayed on the PAT against the specified limits detailed on the rear of the Checkbox provides an immediate indication of the accuracy of the instrument.
Although the PAT Checkbox is not designed to provide the basis of a complete calibration system, its regular use will ensure the correct functionality of test instruments in the field – as recommended by the IEE Code of Practice.
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