Test faster & smarter

Seaward has developed a new integrated test solution to help contractors meet their 16th Edition and Part P electrical testing obligations. The combination of the new Powertest 1557 handheld installation tester with the new PowerGuard software provides an all in one PowerSolutions package that links effective electrical testing in the field, with a comprehensive test results recording system and convenient test certificate production system.
Two versions of the integrated test package are available. The PowerSolutions Pro combination links the Powertest 1557 with the PowerGuard Pro software program and PowerSolutions Mobile, which utilises the new tester and the PDA compatible version of the software.

The lightweight Powertest 1557 is the smallest tester in its class and has been designed for maximum portability and ease of use. It is also compatible with the proposed new 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Special features include a new cordless probe technology that enables probe contacts, instrument and the large test results display to remain in the operator’s line of sight at all times.

Complementing the new test instrument is the PowerGuard software that includes both PC and PDA versions.

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