Tension monitor for HVAC

The new digital tension meter (DTM) from PIX Europe gives HVAC engineers the opportunity to make significant efficiency gains and achieve cost savings from accurately tensioned transmission belts.

On many AC units, the drive system utilises a V-belt to transmit power from the motor to the fan and/or compressor. Specifying the right belt type and correct pulley size is critical to achieving both full service life and maximum efficiency, but equally significant is having the optimal tension on the belt.

Also, with energy conservation becoming a key objective of many high-profile end users, the savings made with accurately tensioned belts will come more to the fore. This is currently evident in the drive to improve the overall energy-efficiency of buildings and installations.

The new PIX DTM should form an essential element of any preventative maintenance programme, as incorrect belt tension can lead to a number of problems including belt breakage, bearing damage, motor overheating, reduced cooling and belt slippage.

Few plants maintain HVAC V-belt drives at optimum belt tension, but now the new PIX DTM can calculate exact tension easily and provide energy efficiency gains.


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