Temporary cooling solutions

With the Met Office predicting a warmer than average UK Summer in 2009, air-conditioning specialist, London Cool provides a large equipment fleet extending from portable units to chillers which can help facilities managers, business owners and contractors solve temporary cooling problems.

As a dedicated air-conditioning hire company, London Cool offers a complete range of temporary climate control equipment to solve these problems.

This reliable, high quality and vast range features mono and split portable air-conditioners from 2 kilowatts upwards. These easy to operate and maintain units are designed to be simply wheeled into position where they can provide an effective spot cooling solution. Exhaust air is discharged to outside or into a ceiling void through a duct or outside condensing unit. Portable air conditioners are ideal for temporary cooling in a wide variety of cellular offices, open plan spaces, computer or server rooms, retail premises, factories or warehouse operations. London Cool also offers special term-based hire rates to help minimise outgoings where necessary.

In addition, London Cool provides water chillers for larger temporary cooling applications.


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